Alctron Rack3 500 Series Rack w/ MPS-1 Power Supply 3-space 19"

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The Rack3 is a 3-slot 500 Series rack that mounts into your 19" rack. Use with the MPS-1 power supply to power up to two Rack3 units. Each slot provides an XLR input and output, but if you would rather put them in the same signal path for a custom channel strip you can easily put all three or any two adjacent modules into sequential order with the easy "feed" switch.

* Steel chassis construction
* Connections: Three XLR Inputs, Three XLR Outputs
* Power Requirements are100/120/230 VAC - 21W
* DC Power Output / Channel is 140mA @ "16VDC
* Dimensions are 19" x 1.75" x 8.25" [1RU]
* LED 48v indicator


MPS-1 Specs

MPS-1 can provide power to an additional Rack3, saving you money when you decide to add more modules to your rack. Extra Rack3 units can be purchased separately without a power supply.

* Convertible to 230, 240, 100 and 220VAC

*  The same hand-wired construction.

*  Four foot cable capable of four times the current needed by the preamps.