DEMO Alctron HE290 Closed Monitoring Headphone

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This is a Demo item, meaning it was used on a showroom floor so it is being sold at a reduced price. It may come without original packaging and may have minor blemishes. Some rack units may have deeper scratches on the chassis.


The HE290 is a closed monitor headphone which uses high-quality aluminum alloy and engineering plastic. Combining high-middle-low sound and wide range frequency offers perfect audio performance to professional audio engineers and musicians. The anti-friction and soft PU ear pads make wear more comfortable for those long hours of mixing or recording. Due to its closed design, noise is reduced providing enhanced sound and enjoyment of listening. The decorative circle and metal brand both give comfort and fashion. 50mm neodymium dynamic driver combiner with total comfort and durability to provide the ultimate listening experience. Ideal for recording and live monitoring applications.