Alctron MA-3 Inline Microphone 25dB Signal Booster Preamp Variable Impedance

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Product introduction

MA-3 is a secondary microphone preamplifier that operates on 48V phantom power from your main preamp, and does not pass the phantom power to the microphone. This makes it ideal for adding clean gain to the output of ribbon and dynamic microphones, which often need more gain than many preamps can provide without adding noise. It is made of aluminum, which provides excellent durability. With the variable impedance control you can achieve better results and shape the sound of your microphone. Additionally, it includes a HPF switch to allow you to roll off unnecessary low end from non-bass instruments. The OUTPUT LEVEL switch allows you to adjust between two levels of gain, so you can better control how much signal is going to your main preamp. 

* Capsule:

dynamic capsule

* Polar pattern: 


* Frequency response: 


* Sensitivity:


* Output impedance: 


* Sample rate: 


* Output connection: