Alctron BC600+ professional broadcast mic with XLR and USB compatibility

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Product Description


BC600+ is a high quality broadcast dynamic USB mic that is perfect for broadcasts, podcasts, livestreams, and more! It features a 24bit/96khz hifi audio chip for vibrant high-definition digital recordings directly to your mac or windows computer without ever needing to install any drivers. just plug in the included USB-C to USB-A cable and you are ready to record! The XLR port on the BC600+ makes it one of the most versatile USB mics on the Market! If you later upgrade to a multi-channel recording setup you'll still be able to use the BC600+ with whatever microphone preamp or audio interface you use. It's also great for studio owners who just want to add another mic to their arsenal, but would like to have the ability to record on the road without the need for bringing additional gear. It's cardioid polar pattern keeps your voice front and center by providing excellent off-axis rejection and minimizing ambient pickup. It has onboard zero-latency headphone monitoring. 


* Capsule:

dynamic capsule

* Polar pattern: 


* Frequency response: 


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