Alctron IM600 Drum Saxophone Wind Instruments Vocal Record Mic Condenser Recording Microphone

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Professional IM600 Musical Instrumental Condenser Microphone Vocal Mic System for Drum Saxophone Wind Instruments



IM600 is a rugged construction high output condenser microphone for drums. It comes with integrated preamp and Cardioid polar patter which make it more smooth and natural for drums and percussion instrument. It applies to profession recording and studio recording. The balanced Cardioid polar pattern provides high gain before feedback and also can prevent needless noise effectively. IM600 has an integrated preamp with a standard XLR plug, drum clip, easy for you to install. A short gooseneck is allowing optimum positioning on the drum and reducing mess on the stage. Clip-mounted condenser microphone applies for drums, percussion and other fixed application.


Microphone capsule type: electrets condenser capsule
Polar pattern: cardioid
Frequency range: 30-20000Hz
Output impedance: 150Ω
Sensitivity: -50.5dB±2dB
Max SPL: 136dB(1kHz)
Equivalent noise level: 63dB




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