N-SONIC N73PRE 500 Series 1073 Style Microphone Preamp

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The N73PRE is a preamp and DI that is based on one of the most revered console preamps of all time in a 500 series form factor. In addition to its classic British sound, the N73PRE offers tone- enhancing features such as an impedance switch and an “air” switch. The impedance switch can be set to either 300 ohms or 1200 ohms, allowing you to bring your microphones to their full potential, while the “air” feature adds a bit of shimmering top end. Additionally, the DI input on the front panel can be switched to either active or passive for even more tone-shaping when you are recording direct. Pair the N73PRE with the N73EQ for the full British tone experience in your 500 series rack.


* Vintage-style discrete circuitry

* Transformer balanced, fully-floating output 

* Up to 80 dB of gain

* Switchable impedance, 1200 or 300 ohms 

* Phantom power switch with LED indicator 

* Front panel DI input

* Phase switch

* "Air" switch