NAMM Demo Alctron MP73X2 2-Channel Dual 1073 Microphone Preamp

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This is a Demo item because it was used as a display at NAMM, so it is being sold at a reduced price. Most items come with original box, with the exception of rack gear. If any blemishes are found, it will be added to the description later or disclosed before shipping, but most items are in like new condition.


MP73X2 2-Channel Microphone Preamplifier

MP73X2 is a dual-channel microphone amplifier. It has a fully discrete signal path with three separate transformers pre channel—one for the mic input, one for the line input, and another for the output. Each transformer adds its own color to the tone. Use the impedance switch to effectively pair it with any mic, and shape your tone even more. With separate input and output LED metering you can see just how hard you are driving the circuit, and keep from overloading your converters. The heavy-duty steel chassis makes the product sturdy and durable, and shields against electromagnetic and RF interference.


Line input
* Connector:Type: 6.35mm TRS
* Input impedance: 10kohm balanced
* Gain: -10dB~+20dB
Mic input
* Connector: XLR
* Input impedance: 300/1200ohm balanced
* Gain: +20dB~+80dB
* Connector: 6.35mm TS
* Input impedance: more than 100kohm
Analog output
* Connector:  XLR/6.35mm TRS
* Output impedance: 75ohm balanced
* Max output level:
* Distortion:  less than 0.07% @1khz
* Frequency response: 20hz-20khz±0.5dB
* Power: DC 24V