Alctron MA-123 Variable Attenuator In-Line Pad Switchable -10dB,-20dB and -30dB

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Product introduction

The Alctron MA-123 is a versatile switchable attenuator designed to work seamlessly with microphones and other audio devices, delivering exceptional sound quality. The MA-123 features three different attenuation levels with the flip of a switch(-10dB, -20dB, and -30dB). This ensures that you can capture audio without worrying about distortion or overloading. With this level of flexibility, you can easily tailor the XLR output of any device to suit your specific recording needs. The MA-123 is constructed from sturdy anodized aluminum, which provides premium durability and ensures that it can withstand heavy use and any accidental drops or bumps.


* Attenuator:  -10dB/20dB/-30dB
* Frequency response:  20-20khz
* Material:  alum
* Size: 96mm*24mm
* Input impedance:  1.6kohm(-10dB)
* Output impedance:  660ohm(-10dB)