Alctron MP200V2 FET Microphone Preamp

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The MP200V2 is a FET microphone amplifier used for vocal recording, instruments, and analog recording. It features a fully discrete signal path with three separate transformers for the mic input, line input, and line output. Each transformer enhances performance in its own way. Selected components, combined with a precise circuit, provide warmth and a sweet output tone. A multi-function knob makes the MP200V2 applicable in most situations. An aluminum-alloy panel and steel housing ensure the product's longevity.


Line input
* Connector: 6.35mm TRS/XLR
* Input impedance: 10kohm balanced
* Gain: -10dB~+20dB
Mic input
* Connector: 6.35mm TRS/XLR
* Input impedance: 300/1200ohm balanced
* Gain: +20dB~+80dB
* Connector: 6.35mm TS
* Input impedance: more than 100kohm
Headphone output
* Max output power: 2*100mW(@loading 47ohm)
* Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
* S/N ratio: >90dB
Analog output
* Connector: XLR/6.35mm TRS
* Output impedance: 75ohm balanced
* Max output level: +21dBu
* Distortion: less than 0.07% @1khz
* Frequency response: 20hz-20khz±0.5dB
* Power: DC 24V