Alctron T190 Large Diaphragm 251 Tube Condenser Studio Microphone

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Product description 

The Alctron T190 features a classic tube microphone sound, but with low self-noise and distortion specs that meet the current state-of-the-art standards. The 34mm dual-diaphragm capsule and 7025a vacuum tube give the T190 the sought-after warmth, clarity, and presence you would expect from an authentic classic tube microphone, but for just a small fraction of the cost. From omni to cardioid to figure eight, polar patterns are fully variable with a nine-position switch. The output transformer uses a special winding to minimize low-frequency distortion, and internal shockmounts effectively reduce handling noise. 

  • Tube Condenser Recording Mic
  • Multi-polar patterns tube mic
  • Wide range frequency response and high sensitivity helps to capture accurate and clear sound quality
  • Discrete components carefully selected for optimized capsule performance
  • Adopts 7025 tube amp performance and special noise cancelling circuit offers high sound restore and low colaration sound quality