Alctron DMC02 Passive Studio Monitor Controller Switcher Selector plus Headphone Amplifier

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PLEASE READ: You will need to use a polarity reversed cable or adapter on one of the inputs on the DMC02, as there was a flaw in the design. This will correct the poor stereo imaging and allow the mono button to properly sum the left and right signals. On the plus side, this is a wonderfully neutral sounding passive monitor controller once that is done, and because of the defect you are getting it at a fraction of the cost of similar units!

The Alctron DMC02 Monitor Controller features relay-controlled switching between two sets of studio monitor outputs plus a subwoofer output than can be switched on/off independently. The monitor section is entirely passive with no active circuitry in the signal path, allowing for wonderfully transparent sound to your studio monitors. Individual level controls for A, B, and Sub channels allow for setting your balance between your sub and each speaker set, while the master volume will control them all at once. There is even a dim button with its own knob to set the amount of desired attenuation, and a mono switch allows for easily checking your mixes for mono compatibility. The DMC02 also features a headphone amp with one volume control that can connect up to 3 pairs of headphones with two 1/4" and one 3.5mm outputs. Headphone amp can also be switched on/off from front of unit. The rear features an Auxiliary output to send signal to an alternate headphone amp, or can be used for another set of speakers, and is controlled by the headphone volume.