Alctron MPF02 Studio Microphone Pop Filter

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Product introduction

MPF02 is a type of pop filter, it has dual stainless mesh filter. The dual material can be more efficient to protect the microphone from a spray of moisture. The 10mm flexile gooseneck helps to adjust the height and angle without any hassle. The clamp is made by zinc-alloy which guaranteed the higher level of strength and stability. This pop filter is detachable, just switch anti-clock to remove the pop filter.

1、Unique pop filter

2、45mm gooseneck helps you position pop filter in your ideal position

3、Minimize plosive sounds that produce a sudden jet of air potentially overloading the capsule

4、Effective to protect the mic from a spray of moisture as well

5、Dual layer wave metal mesh

* Pop filter diameter: 150mm
* Pop filter material:  stainless mesh
* Gooseneck length: 270mm