Alctron MS182 Desk Mountable Studio Monitor Speaker Stand

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Sold as single units. Please purchase two units if purchasing for use with a pair of speakers.

MS182 Desk Mountable Speaker Stand

MS182 is a desktop monitor speaker stand made of solid steel, aluminum, and rubber. Its height and angle are adjustable, allowing you to customize the optimum speaker position in your set-up. The rubber cap in the top plate reduces the vibration during listening experiences. Its clipping style saves space and looks better.


1. Multi-angle adjustable desktop speaker stands

2. Rubber cap and rubber pads reduce the vibration during listening experiences

3. Four-level height adjustable and angle adjustable

4. Friction-locking knob ergonomically adjusts the platform angle from -10 to 10 degrees

5. Made of high-quality solid steel, aluminum, and rubber


 * Height adjustment range: 235mm to 280mm
* Top speaker plate size:  220mm x 180mm
* Clamp clipping desk thickness: 1mm-50mm
* Tilt angle: ±10degree
* Net weight: 1431g