Alctron S3 500 Series Rack Set w/ MP73A Preamp, EQ73A EQ, and CP52A Compressor

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Package includes a lightly used S3 rack with power supply, MP73a preamp, EQ73a equalizer, and CP52a compressor.

The MP73a and EQ73a are connected by a mini insert cable inside the S3 and work together as one unit, just like it is on the Neve or GAP modules. The S3 rack is particularly nice, as it allows you to feed the signal from one module to the next adjacent module. This feature can only work if you have the preamp in slot one and the compressor in slot two, as you can not feed a signal to or through the EQ since it can only be utilized by the mini insert connection. For this reason, I will have the modules arranged in this order, rather than the order in the pic. You can change the order of the modules, but you won't be able to change the order of signal flow or use the feed function at all if you do, so it is recommended you leave them alone.