DEMO Alctron VB860 Acoustic Diffuser Screen

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This is a Demo item, meaning it was used on a showroom floor so it is being sold at a reduced price. It may come without original packaging and may have minor blemishes. Some rack units may have deeper scratches on the chassis.


Effectively dampen reflections without losing top end

Isolation and diffusion to help you gain control your acoustic environment

Capture a great-sounding recording anywhere

Adjustable extension bar makes mic in your ideal position

Features angle adjustable function

VB860 is a wind screen managed to create a portable acoustic solution that could effectively dampen reflections without losing top end. This leaves a natural open sound on your recordings. The wind screen can minimize sonic reflections during recording. The aluminum mesh and polyester acoustic panel materials designed to absorb the noise around environment. The result is tighter bass, more detailed mids and natural highs. VB860 is a nice choice for recording.