Alctron MP73EQv2 1073 Channel Strip Microphone Preamp and Equalizer

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I am still selling the original MP73EQ, as the N-SONIC STRIP. If you are wondering what upgrades the new version offers, it includes new stacked knobs, an extra LED meter, a larger output transformer, automatic switching to instrument input, and a smaller "line lump" on the power cord. I chose the V1 for my N-SONIC model due to it's versatility in the high frequency shelf. The V2 is more true to the original 1073 in that regard, but I don't see how that would be better than having more options. They are both great models with similar sound qualities, but the new version does come with a major price increase due to the current trade war between China and the US. 


Product introduction

MP73EQV2 is a single-channel microphone amplifier with EQ function. Its high/mid/low equalizer adjust relative 11 frequency selections combines unique electronic circuit which amplify sound in a premium way and make output sound more clear and natural. Its fully discrete signal path with two separate transformers for the input and output enhances MP73EQV2’s performance. Various knobs, alum alloy material make MP73EQV2 fashionable and durable.

Single channel mic amp with EQ

Its shell adopts dust-free spraying processing makes product concise and better adhere

The chassis is made from high quality steel to provide extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF

Combines with unique circuit to amplifier ensures output signal more purity and clear



* Mic input impedance:  300Ωor 1200Ω
* Mic gain: +80dB to +20dB
* Line input: input impedance 10000Ω
* Line gain: 20dB to -10dB
* Max output: 20dBu
* Output impedance: 75Ω
* Distortion: ≤0.07%
* Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
* Noise: better than -125dBu@60dB gain
* DI Input impedance: >100kΩ