Refurbished N-SONIC N73EQ 500 Series 1073 Equalizer EQ

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This item has been refurbished by Brewster Electronics in Brewster, NY.



The N73EQ brings the EQ section of the classic British console you know and love to a 500 series form factor. This warm, punchy EQ’s versatility has been magnified by adding more frequency choices on the mid and high bands, giving you even more control over your tone. Each selected frequency can be boosted or cut by +/-15 dB. It also features a HPF with four frequency choices. A convenient on/off switch can quickly bypass the EQ, and each frequency band can also be bypassed individually by setting the frequency knob to the "off" position. The discrete, Class-A circuitry leaves little to be desired by audio professionals and hobbyists alike, but with the N73EQ, that signature sound is now available at a price that suits nearly any gear budget.



* Vintage-style discrete circuitry 

* 3 frequency bands

* Dual inductor mid-band

* Inductor-based high-pass filter 

* Control range up to +/- 15 dB

 * Extra frequency choices 

* Each band can be bypassed individually 

* ON/OFF switch