Vintage Sonor Horst Link Signature Makassar Ebony 5-Piece Drum Kit Owned by Alphonse Mouzon

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Alphonse Mouzon was a jazz fusion drumming legend. He was an influence to many famed musicians such as Questlove of The Roots, and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. In addition to touring and making about 20 albums as a solo artist, Alphonse was a founding member of Weather Report, and he recorded and toured with an extensive list of some of the biggest names in music. Alphonse passed on an impressive collection of vintage instruments and gear to his family, and they have decided to sell much of it through Astound Sound.

This is an amazing drum kit owned by a legendary drummer, and is the Makassar Ebony, which seems to be more rare than the African Bubinga. These drums have a fair amount of wear and tear, but they look pretty good overall.

The original kick drum T-rods have been replaced with new ones, as many were bent, and half of the claws were replaced with pretty closely matching ones. The newer claws were placed on the front rim and old ones on the rear, so it isn't very noticeable. I have a couple extra claws and an extra tension rod to include as well. The bass drum rims are also brand new metal ones. The original tom mount was missing, so we have replaced it with another Sonor brand mount, but the part in the bass drum that holds it had to be modified by adding a piece of rubber so that it can snugly hold the smaller tubing. Since there is rubber in there instead of plastic, there is a little more resistance when inserting the mount, but it holds in place just fine when tightened.

Bass drum has brand new heads. The the original muffler system has been removed, but the deadened beater head that Alphonse preferred makes it sound great without that. Snare has new bottom head. We have other new heads available for the toms and snare top. Please ask about availability if you are interested in a full new set of heads yo be included.

The toms and snare have original hardware, with the special flathead tension rods, and we will also include the drum key for this tension rod type. 

Bass drum HLG24 24x18

Snare HLD580 14x8

Tom HLT12 12x12

Tom HLT13 13x13

Floor Tom HLFT16 16x18


Pickup available in the Los Angeles Area, or contact me about shipping options.




The Signature Series comprises everything that is necessary for the perfection of sound and playing technique. This series is a breakthrough in the manufacturing of drums, of which we are very proud. As I feel personally responsible for this top-line, the drums are bearing my signatue.
Signature drum sets are created by experts for professionals. For drummers who regard their drum set as a part of their message. For drummers who identify themselves with their instruments. A limited edition of distinction to which I proudly and comfidently add my personal endorsement.

Horst Link

The Signature Sound

The construction of the Signature Series drum shells is different that that of conventional drums. The 12-ply shells are formed tension free from selected woods. Tension free means that the single plies for a solid sound unity, thus allowing the drum head an optimum of vibration. All signature Series drums are available in two versions, giving the drummer a choice of two Signature sounds: Heavy or Lite. The Heavy shell made of beech with a thickness of 12mm produces a mellow and dry sound. The Lite shell, made of birch and only 7mm thick, has a sound more responsive and direct. The special dimension of the Lite shells ensure a more brilliant and transparent sound quality.

The Signature Finish

The inner and outer plies of a drum also have an influence on the sound. Because of their special structure and their outstanding acoustic properties, we chose African Bubinga and Indonesian Makassar Ebony. Firmly joined to the basic plies, they contribute to the balanced sound of the Signature Series.

The Signature Warranty

Worldwide, the Signature Series is the first and only drum set with a 10-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. This shows how much care is devoted to the construction of Sonor Drums. From the stages of planning and testing, to production and service, one principle applies: quality.


HLD 580, HLD 581 in 12-ply wood shells, Heavy or Lite, in African Bubinga (RH) and Makassar Ebony (EB).
HLD 588, HLD 582, made seamless from ferro manganese steel.
All have parallel snare strainers, exchangeable jazz (24) and rock (22) snares, die cast rims, 24 tension screws with "Snap-lock" (pat.) system, oscillographically tuned batter and snare heads, adjustable external muffler.

12-ply wood shell available in Heavy or Lite version, finishes African Bubinga (RH) or Makassar Ebony (EB), twin upright internal muffler system, shell mount fixed at four points, prism clamps for bass drum spurs, bass drum spurs which instantly convert from rubber tips to metal spikes (DGM), wooden hoops with bubinga or ebony finishes, "Snap-lock" (pat,) Pin Stripe batter head, transparent Ambassador front head.


12-ply wood shell in Heavy or Lite version. Finishes African Bubinga (RH) or Makassar Ebony (EB), shell mounts fixed at two points, seamless rims from ferro manganese steel, tension screws with "Snap-lock" (pat.) System, Pin Stripe batter head, transparent Ambassador bottom head, adjustable external muffler.

Wood is a natural product. Sonor drums with wood finishes always have a characteristic grain and a natural color. Therefore, two drums with wood finishes can never look exactly the same.

12-ply wood shell in Heavy or Lite version. Finishes African Bubinga (RH) or Makassar Ebony (EB), prism clamp for floor tom legs, legs instantly convert from rubber tips to metal spurs (DGM), seamless rims from ferro manganese steel, tension screws with "Snap-lock" (pat.) System, Pin Stripe batter head, transparent Ambassador bottom head, adjustable external muffler.

Also available, a set of extra long floor tom legs (Z 5080).

Signature drums are available in the following finishes:

RH Bubinga
EB Ebony
CL Creme Lacquer
IL Impala Lacquer